The Weight Mastery Guide – What’s In It?

Weight Mastery GuideYou have probably seen hundreds of ads for weight loss products and books.

The goal of this educational site is simple. Bust the myths associated with weight loss and help people get ontrack with proven scientific information related to fat loss, building muscle and enjoying the transformation that comes from succeeding.

By simply entering your first name and  e-mail address in the box provided you will instantly be sent a link to down load this free book filled with life changing tips and be able to start in a new direction with your weight loss goals.

Along with this, we will be showing you the supplements that will kick start your metabolism into high gear so that you can get a head start on your new program. These supplements have been formulated by Dr. Todd and have been "laser enhanced" which potentiates the ability for the nutients to be absorbed. This one patented process sets these valuable nutrients into a category by themselves, and you will find tremendous benefits!

Also…. as an added bonus! You will be notified of some upcoming teleseminars that YOU will have an opportunity to get YOUR questions answered by Dr. Todd himself! This access to Dr. Todd is in itself very valuable. So don’t forget to simply sign up for free access to the Weight Mastery Guide and be on our exclusive mailing list.

The Weight Mastery Guide Reveals:


Learn the Secret Causes of Fat            
p. 6
Your Diet May Be Aging You p. 11
How to Turn Fat into Fuel p. 12
What Middle-Aged Women Eat that Sabotages Weight Loss p. 12
How to Tell if You are really Burning Fat or Just Losing Water Weight p. 13
Reduce Food Cravings without Expensive Hoodia p. 14
Snack Your Way to Health p. 17
Could Overeating be a Warning Sign that You are Actually Malnourished? p. 19
Why Fast Food Meals are Designed to Keep You Hungry and Fat p. 22
Is Your Fat Craving a Sign of a Dangerous Dietary Deficiency? p. 25
The Myth about High Cholesterol (hint: it’s not what you eat) p. 25
Alcohol: the Worst of Fat and Sugar Combined p. 28
How to Correct Nutritional Deficiencies that Inhibit the Fat-Burning Process p. 30
Amino Acids: the Key to Regulating Your Appetite p. 32
Metabolic “Spark Plugs”
p. 33
Muscle: Burning Fat While You Sleep p. 41
When to Exercise for the Best Payoff p. 41
Watching TV Can Make You Fat – And What You Can Do About It p. 46
Transform Your Self Talk from Criticism to Praise for Fat-Free Living p. 50
Restorative Sleep Helps You Burn More Calories p. 55
21-Day Master Plan p. 56
Personalize Your Plan to Form New Life-Changing Patterns p. 58
Charting the Course for a Lifetime of Health and Balance
Weight Mastery Point System- Guaranteed Success if Followed! p.60+


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